About New Social Media Site’s Combining
Localblog.com.au and VidNPic.com

One of the biggest untapped avenues of marketing is blogging and social media sharing to bring funny & interesting content to your own real estate website.

So for the first time we combine a specially built social media site for blog interaction with video sharing specially designed for real estate agents.

Then you add interesting photos and videos to your blog which you can obtain online or you can also upload your own content from your phone or computer.

You can publish enhancing promotional material about the property you are selling to justify the price you are asking. Which will make potential sellers wanting to list with you.

You can share your content with the world on Vidnpic.com and make your blog interesting to get people returning to see what new material you have. This is continuously updated by a large number of people in different areas and with different likes so your site becomes extremely captivating.

The method is proven by the number of extra customers looking at your listings and your website as you will see in the property statistics.

This is the lowest cost marketing that will attract buyers and sellers to your agency.

Anyone can post and comment and the administrator
has full editorial control on the blog content.


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